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DE Balance

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This mod allows you to play AoC with an updated balance.
  • Custom Hotkeys: Copy your player.nfz and player#.hki files to this mod's folder.
  • DE overlay & Auto Farms: Modified versions of UserPatch 1.5 with those features.
  • Translate to Spanish: Use the language.ini file found in the Spanish language folder.
Allied Vision edition available here.
:::::: Version 5.3 ::::::* South Asian DE architecture thanks to hujianshi.* Indians: Camel and Gunpowder civilization. [AoF]* Riderless Horses can now be loaded into Transport Ships. [DE]* Aztecs: Jaguar Warriors train in 12 seconds (base time reduced from 20). [DE]* Aztecs: Villagers carry +3 (reduced from +5). [DE]* Celts: Infantry speed bonus starts from the Feudal Age. [DE]* Goths: Loom can be researched instantly rather than at no cost. [DE]* Italians: Genoese Crossbowmen training time reduced to 18s/14s (from 22s/19s). [DE]* Koreans: Elite Turtle Ship speed increased to 1.035 (from 0.9) [DE]* Koreans: Now receive archer armor upgrades for free. [DE]* Koreans: Lose the Tower range bonus. [DE]* Koreans: Panokseon replaced by Eupseong. [DE]* Turks: Elite Janissary increased accuracy from 50% to 65%. [DE]* Turks: Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar +1 pierce armor. [DE]* Vikings: Chieftains cost increased from 400f/300g to 700f/500g. [DE]* [Extra] Huns are able to train Steppe Lancers.* [Extra] Xolotl Warrior +20 HP, +2 pierce armor.
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