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DE Balance

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This mod allows you to play AoC with an updated balance.
  • Custom Hotkeys: Copy your player.nfz and player#.hki files to this mod's folder.
  • Auto Farms & DE overlay: Modified versions of UserPatch 1.5 with those features.
  • Translate to Spanish: Use the language.ini file found in the Spanish language folder.
Standard Cartography. Allied vision edition available here.
--CREDITS--Auto Farms Logo by PancrolConquerors Shadow Fix by gag2000Construction DE Graphics, Mediterranean DE Set & Slavic DE Set thanks to NarjanaDE Buildings thanks to hujianshiDE Eastern European Wonders thanks to Balam AjawFixed Wall Foundations by JustTesting1234Magyar Buildings fix, Imperial East Asian TC & University by GwotyngModding tools by Keisari Tapsa and RuralistResource editor by Angus JohnsonShort Walls by DollarAkshaySteppe Lancer and Xolotl Warrior graphics thanks to fknabyssThe Forgotten Empires team
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